Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What do I want from a mobile phone?

  • I want good audio quality!
  • I want long battery life - specifically I want to be able to turn the screen on and off in order to save the battery - even during a phone call!
  • I want to be able to turn the phone off and the alarm clock to still work (I don't want to leave a "live" mobile phone on my bedside table at night every night).
  • I want the phone to charge via USB - then I don't have to carry my charger around with me everywhere.
  • I want the interface to be as customizable as possible - if I don't have a data plan, 100 internet shortcuts are useless to me!
  • I want the phone to vibrate for a phone call or text message - but not when navigating menus!
  • I want tactile feedback from the buttons on the phone - I often "touch-type" with my mobile, but if some buttons don't have the same "click" as other buttons it will throw me off.