Saturday, 17 September 2011

More half baked ideas

I posted one half baked idea a while back (find people by interest).

Here's another.

A personal, multi-accessible, cross-platform, "cloud", simultaneous-accessible scheduler.

I want to be able to access my schedule through my phone or my home computer or my work computer.

I want the option of scheduling a reminder independently of the event - so I could say I want a reminder on this date at this time, and the title of the event is XYZ. Currently, with outlook, I have to specify 2 date / time periods - first when the event is, then when I want the reminder - I'd rather do it in one.

I want the reminder to pop up on all my synced devices simultaneously, so whichever I happen to have with me / am looking at, I get the reminder - at the moment I can't schedule everything in outlook at work because sometimes I'm not in the office. I can't schedule everything on my phone because sometimes my phone is on silent (e.g. when I'm in the office). When I get my reminder, I want to be able to snooze the reminder on one device, and it will pop up again after the snooze duration on all my synced devices, and any of the devices could snooze it again.