Saturday, 12 July 2008


Isn’t inspiration brilliant? You estimate how long tasks will take on your todo list. You put down "1 hour" for one of your tasks, because it "could be easy, but there could be some little nuances that make it a little tricky." One minute into the task, you think "hang on, what if I do this" and bang, the task is complete :)

Where do you get inspiration from? Well, that comes from practice…


Ste said...

Usually for me the task goes the other way ;-) I estimate it at one hour and it ends up taking 6 or 7... :-( I think it also sometimes depends on the nature of the work :-)

Tim said...

Sorry - I wasn't saying this happens every time I estimate - far from it!

I was just celebrating the fact that very occasionally, inspiration helps you do something in minutes that you were expecting to take hours!