Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Customizations

Two more customizations - this time relating to the system notification area.

When working on a new PC, sooner or later I end up installing 4t Tray Minimizer. I like to keep a clear taskbar, so if I have several programs open at once, and I'm not actively working on something, but don't want to close it, I can right-click the minimize button and it turns into an icon in the system notification area.

Secondly, when I have too many icons in the notification area, I like to decide which icons don't need to be there at all. For the trial period, I had PS Tray Factory installed, which mostly did what I expected of it, though it did seem to forget my settings from time to time (although that could have been one of the trial limitations).

I'd quite like to have a go at writing my own program that manipulates the icons in the notification area. When I have time. One day. :)

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